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April 17th | 10am

If you’re looking for a place to attend an Easter service, we’d love for you to celebrate Easter with us! Easter is one of our favorite times of year, as we give God glory for the RISEN Savior of Jesus and remember that His victory over death gives us great hope for our lives and futures.

We want to help you make the most of your time with us this Easter and give you a good idea of what you can expect.

Easter Experience

When you arrive for service, our Parking Team will help you find a great spot, and inside, you can grab a complimentary cup of coffee. Our Usher Team will be available to help you find a seat in the auditorium if you need assistance. During the service, you will experience dynamic worship music and receive an uplifting and powerful message about the Greatest Comeback in History. 

Easter at Pinecrest KIDS

We will have an incredible Easter service for your little ones in Pinecrest Kids! Our check-in system allows us to make sure your children are safe and ready to enjoy their age-appropriate service. During the service we will have a huge Easter Egg Hunt on our football field behind our building! Then you will be able to pick up your children from the same place you dropped them off. We can't wait to see you this Easter!


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